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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  April 26, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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it is 9:00 p.m. in the east. welcome to a brand-new hour. here's what we know. a clean sweep for donald trump. >> yes, it is. donald trump winning all five states up for grabs. that was really smooth. the fourth hour. >> we're getting a little punchy now. we have to get back on our game. >> here we go. pennsylvania. he won pennsylvania. he won connecticut. he won delaware. he also won rhode island. >> and maryland. and on the democratic side big night for hillary clinton as well. so far, she has won maryland pennsylvania, and delaware is still too early to call. and delaware. too early to call connecticut or
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rhode island. can you tell we're having a prompter issue? donald trump is picking up more delegates tonight. he's up to 927. that's 310 away from the 1237 needed to win the nomination outright. joining me now, two guys who know what they're doing, chris stirewalt and howard kurtz. good to see you both. >> hi megyn. >> you must feel good because you can't do worse than bret and i just did. >> i feel like kasich. >> low bar. >> let me start with this. bloomberg politics reporter just tweeted out, if donald trump were anyone else we'd be calling him the trumtive nominee. if ted cruz or anyone else the gop would have rallied around him. chris, is that true? >> there's a lot of truth to that. in the case of trump, he would have been the presumptive nominee a while ago after michigan. that's when romney locked it up
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winning michigan illinois. wins big states, it's over. people fall in behind him. in the case of cruz i think that's 100% true. at every moment, all of these republicans who said, we must stop donald trump, we desperately have to stop trump. cruz is standing over there saying, hey guys what if you voted for he? no let's make it much more complicated. we need a more complicated strategy. they don't like him. you know why? because the republican party is largely constituted to keep very conservative people from taking it over. and ted cruz is that very conservative kind of candidate that they're used to tri-ing to block. >> is that what it is, howie, ted cruz is too conservative? john kasich is pretty conservative on many issues. there's a couple he doesn't sign on with the orthodoxy of the day. but is it his conservatism or is it him? >> well i guess it was "time" magazine who had the cover line "likeable enough" for ted cruz which i thought was a bit unfair. he is widely described as the most conservative nominee since
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barry goldwater. here's the thing with trump. right now he has momentum and media on his side, coverage of this big night, even though we knew he would is a big night. he not so much on the math because you've got the delegate trackers who say, well, if cruz wins indiana and if trump underperforms in his interview with you, megyn, maybe he doesn't get to the 1237. here's what it misses the psychological impact of trump piling up win after win. people now think he'll be the nominee and two-thirds of connecticut republicans in our exit polls says the person with the most votes should be the meaning trump even if he doesn't get to the numbers. >> people says whoever gets the most vote should get the nomination even if they don't get the majority. chris, this race feels schizophrenic. we're in a place where trump was racking up wins it was inevitable, he's got this. then cruz got these folks organized in wisconsin and talk
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radio and the governor and they said no. then unfavorables for trump were very high and people started to say, oh no cruz is looking like he could do this. it's anybody's ball game. >> right. >> then donald trump goes on to win a couple of states that he was -- we thought he would win, new york and now tonight. now everyone is saying he's got momentum, he's probably the presumptive nominee. you get whiplash from week to week. >> the political press stinks and the coverage of races always stink because they cover this horse race like it's -- so indiana, howie points out indiana. great example. ted cruz won in wisconsin not just because of that organization but because the state stacks up demographically better for cruz. number of people with college degrees, strong communities the kind of places where traditional republicans do well. indiana stacks up well for him, too. the question i think howie is 100% right about this. how do you fight the narrative if you're ted cruz? now you've had to live through
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two weeks of skunking. he knew he would get skunked up here because super conservative republicans from texas aren't real popular in connecticut. he knew that. how do you tell the voters of indiana we can still do that. because the press will be telling them it's over. >> ted cruz wants to be the nominee howie, and he obviously has millions of votes in his camp and so on. but he's won, what, 11 states? and donald trump has won twice that? so there will be a feeling stoked by trump of great unfairness if anything other than trump being the nominee comes out of that convention or comes out of this period between june and july. >> there is a reason that ted cruz earlier tried to deflect it onto the media, media are having pal pa taigss over trump. trump is the chosen one. trump would disagree to the great press. it's true the trump campaign is trying to project an image this is pretty much over mathematically eliminated and all of that. as much as we all enjoy the game
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and the horse race and the speculation and the delegate tracking, it is getting harder and harder to sit here and say that trump can somehow be denied because the great frustration of all of the millions who voted for him, the anger they will feel if there's a perception this is smachnatched from him. >> the response to that chris, think of their frustration if donald trump runs and loses. everyone who pushes for a longer race says trump lose because you look at the general election matchup which he says he can turn around. that's why they have to take the pain of alienating trump voters at the convention early and they'll come around by november. >> it's also about populism and conserveatism conservatism. what's happening inside the republican party is the populists with taking over. donald trump is not particularly conservative in a lot of things. ted cruz is all of the rivets riveted conservative of that mold that was traditionally understood in the republican party. donald trump is leading a
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populist movement to take overt republican party. and here's the trick. the election is the issue about the election. how the republican party contests and conducts its nominating process is the point of him running. it is like we said the self licking ice cream cone. the story is about the delegates and the delegates are the story. and he just runs it round and roun and round. >> fascinating. great to see you. >> thanks. >> let's get some thoughts from brett hume fox news political analyst. brett your thoughts tonight. >> well this is the stage of a race by which time the person who ultimately becomes the nominee has usually sort of overcome all resistance aund get these huge majorities in primary and caucus after primary and caucus. and trump had not achieved that. then last week he rolled up that big majority in new york. now you see it looks like he's got a five-state sweep tonight. it looks like he's going to win
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very big in some if not all states. you might begin to see the kind of capitulation by the party, by the rest of the field to him, that normally occurs -- normally has occurred before now. it certainly had last time for mitt romney. so what the psychological effect of this may be so great the resistance to him will just begin to crumble which is what usually happens at this stage. >> at trump headquarters they're waiting for donald trump to give a victory speech tonight. brit, tomorrow trumd p will go to washington, d.c. and deliver a speech pointed at hillary clinton. it may be like we saw at the apec conference in d.c. a teleprompted speech. do you think donald trump changes his stripes as he gets closer to getting this nomination? >> i think that as we go forward here that's the big question, bret. we keep hearing he's going to make this turn toward being more presidential. then he came out and said himself that he really didn't
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want to do it quite yet, chi thought was one of the moments of this campaign. and of course while last week after new york he made this very dignified and relatively brief speech, and everybody noticed more than anything else that he referred to cruz for the first time anybody could remember as senator cruz instead of lyin' ted. but he's back to lyin' ted a few times since so we don't really know. i think it's quite possible he'll make another one of these speeches of the kind that he made before with the teleprompter, which was very well received the one on israel policy. and i think he advances his cause by doing that. i don't think that acting more presidential at this stage is going to cost him any of his core support. and what he needs to do now is to expand his core support to take into a general election because for all of her weaknesses his negatives are higher than hillary's and he would be a likely loser unless he's able to change that dynamic. he's really the only one who can do it. >> we're awaiting hillary clinton's speech brit. on that front you talk about
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the unfavorable numbers and negatives. obviously hillary clinton has the e-mail investigation and the possibility of the fbi moving forward and referring an indictment on this whole thing hanging over her campaign. but donald trump as of today the judge here in new york saying that the trump university case the fraud case is going to go to trial. it may go to a jury trial, it may not. but trump could be testifying in that case by the fall. does that affect anything? going forward? >> i heard that -- bret i heard that a judge has set the beginning of it on the first day of the convention. if that holds, that obviously is a complicating factor. but i must say i don't think a civil suit against trump university holds nearly the potential powder keg type of damage that an indictment of hillary clinton would. but it does show that both candidates have these various weaknesses that could be exploited and could become factors and are certainly wild
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cards in any general election scenario we can think of. >> finally, before i let you go -- we're looking live in philadelphia as hillary clinton entered with bill clinton getting ready to deliver her victory speech -- the cruz people say, listen this is about delegates about the rules. if he's short we're going to fight for every one. the trump people say, we're millions of votes up. hundreds of delegates up. the rnc should sweep in and say, we should get this nomination. >> the problem is that the rnc really can't do that. once you get to the convention bret the delegates are sovereign. it's up to them. the rnc could urge them one way or the other but my sense is the delegates will do what they want to do. i think they'll have the same kind of calculus that everybody else has. can they afford not to come up with delegates -- for enough of them not to put trump over the top if it's a relatively small number and by not doing that
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risk alienating their voters in the fall. the republican party can't win without their voters. the question is can they win with him as a candidate. that's the dilemma facing the republican party. >> brit thank you. we are now looking at clinton headquarters in philadelphia. fox news has called the state of pennsylvania as well as maryland and delaware for mrs. clinton. now we will take a listen to her. >> wow. i just want to thank all of you, everyone who came out to vote here in pennsylvania and across maryland and delaware connecticut, rhode island. i am so grateful to all of our volunteers, our organizers, our community leader ss. everyone who worked their hearts out. i want to thank the leaders here in pennsylvania. thank you, governor wolf. thank you, senator casey.
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thank you, congressman cartwright. and thank you, so much mayor kenny for your great help. and of course i want to thank the 42nd president of the united states, my husband. now, with your help, we're going to come back to philadelphia for the democratic national convention with the most votes and the most pledged delegates. and we will unify our party to win this election and build an america where we can all rise together. an america where we lift each other up instead of tearing each other down.
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so we need you to keep volunteering, keep talking to your friends and neighbors. please join the more than 1.1 million people who have already contributed at hillary look, i know there are still too many barriers holding too many americans back. but despite what other candidates say, we believe in the goodness of our people and the greatness of our nation. and if anyone doubts that just let them travel across this country as i've done in this campaign the past year. hearing people's stories, learning about their struggles. listen to the quiet determination of the working parents i met last week in jenkintown, pennsylvania. they are doing everything they
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can to provide opportunities to their children in an economy where there still aren't enough good paying jobs. listen to the mothers who lost children to gun violence and encounters with the police. they're turning their sorrow into strategy and their mourning into a movement. a movement for justice and dignity. listen to the nurse i met this weekend in new haven, connecticut who worked for years to build a middle class life and raise a family. but then her luck changed. she was diagnosed with breast cancer and used up all her savings and her sick time. soon she was facing foreclosure and the prospect of losing the home she'd loved for more than 20 years. and here's what she said to me. my daughter and i live in fear of the day that we might come
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home and have a lock on the door. we're in pain. we're hurting. we were and are the backbone of this country, the middle class. we're not asking for a handout. we just want to be treated fairly. and she is speaking for so many people across our country who feel beaten down left out and left behind. people who have worked hard and done their part but just can't seem to get ahead and find it tough even to get by. now underneath all these worries, together we are going to come together and we are going to solve the problem ss we face.
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>> hillary! hillary! hillary! >> yo am aware that too many people feel at the mercy of forces too big for anyone to control and they just worry that those of us in politics put our own interests ahead of the national interest. the faith that we can make things better that we can give our kids a better future than we had is at the heart of who we are as a nation. it's one of many reasons that being american has always been such a blessing. and our campaign is about restoring people's confidence in our ability to solve problems together by delivering results that help people follow their own dreams. that's why we're setting bold progressive goals backed up by
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real plans that will improve lives. after all, that is how progress gets made. we have to be both dreamers and doers. and as a great democratic president once said there's nothing wrong with america that can't be cured by what's right with america. so here's what i believe. i believe we can create more good jobs with rising incomes, jobs that provide dignity, pride and a middle class life. we can renew our democracy by overturning citizens united. we can lift up people in places who have been left out from our inner cities to appalachia.
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in every manufacturing town hollowed out when the factory closed, every community scarred by substance abuse and addiction, every home where a child goes to bed hungry. that's what we democrats believe in. that's what we know is possible. so we will build on a strong progressive tradition from franklin roseosevelt to barack obama. and i applaud senator sanders and his millions of supporters for challenging us to get unaccountable money out of our politics and giving greater emphasis to closing the gap of inequality. and i know together we will get that done. because whether you support senator sanders or you support
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me there's much more that unites us than divides us. we all agree that wages are too low and inequality is too high that wall street can never again be allowed to threaten main street, and we should expand social security not cut or privatize it. we democrats agree that college should be affordable to all and student debt shouldn't hold anyone back. we democrats agree that every single american should and must have quality, affordable health care. we agree that our next president must keep our country safe keep our troops out of another costly ground war in the middle east.
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and we democrats agree that climate change is an urgent threat. and it requires an aggressive response that can make america the clean energy super power of the 21st century. and we democrats agree on defending all of our rights civil rights and voting rights workers rights and womens rights, lgbt rights and rights for people with disabilities. so in this election we will have to stand together and work hard to prevail against candidates on the other side who would threaten all those rights and pit americans against each other. they would make it harder to vote, not easier.
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they would deny women the right to make our own reproductive health care decisions. they would round up millions of hardworking immigrants and deport them. they would demon ice and discriminate against hardworking terror-hating muslim-americans who we need in the fight against radicalization. and both of the top candidates in the republican party deny climate change even exists. now the other day mr. trump accused me of playing the, quote woman card. well, if fighting for women's health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card then deal me in! so my friends, if you are a
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democrat, an independent, or a thoughtful republican you know their approach is not going to build an america where we increase opportunity or decrease inequality. so instead of letting them take us backward we want america to be in the future business. that's why i want you to keep imagining a tomorrow where instead of building walls we're breaking down barriers. we are making it more likely that americans will be part of a prosperous, inclusive, decent society. we're imagining a tomorrow where every parent can find a good job and every grandparent can enjoy a secure retirement. we're imagining a tomorrow where
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no child grows up in the shadow of discrimination or under the specter of de deportation and where every child has a good teacher and a good school no matter what zip code that child lives in. and imagine a tomorrow where any young person can graduate from college debt free. we're going to imagine a tomorrow where hard work is honored families are supported, streets are safe and communities are strong and where love trumps hate. that is the future i want. i want that future for my granddaughter and for all of our
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children and grandchildren. now think of this. our nation was born right here in philadelphia. our declaration of independence and constitution were signed just a few blocks away. and ever since, even through dark and difficult chapters of our history, the idea ofca has shown through. at our best we are as robert kennedy said a great country, an unselfish country, and a compassionate country. but america's greatness is not a birthright. it must be earned by every generation. so please join us. join us. go to text "join" 47246.
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contribute. compete. let's go forward. let's win the nomination. and in july let's return as a unified party. thank you all so much! ♪ this is my fight song ♪ >> hillary clinton wrapping up in philadelphia a speech that we've heard that sounds like before where she pitched about unity and not building walls but tearing down walls and bringing communities together. a couple of pointed comments about donald trump, as we have seen in recent times on the campaign stump. hillary clinton the big winner tonight. however, she is losing in connecticut currently, and she has lost the state of rhode island to bernie sanders. so potentially two losses out of the states tonight. >> want to bring in now florida congresswoman debbyie wasserman schultz schultz, of course the sharewoman of the democratic national committee. thanks for being with us tonight. >> my pleasure. >> so this is shaping up it's not a done deal yet on either
6:27 pm
side, potentially to be a hillary clinton versus donald trump general election. donald trump believes very much that he is going to put certain blue states in play that have never been in play for republicans including new york potentially michigan and others. what say you? >> i'd say donald trump continues to exist in his fantasy world. unfortunately, the fantasy that he has constructed is one that is incredibly extreme, ma sos nis tick and bigoted. he's the most extreme candidate we've seen in certainly modern times. when he goes i think he'll find into a general election campaign, see that the overwhelming majority of americans do not think that we should ban an entire religion from coming into this country, do not think that we should ship 11 million undocumented immigrants back to their countries. and don't think that all mexican immigrants are rapists and drug dealers. >> but he may move on those issues once he secures the
6:28 pm
nomination, as we've seen. >> he will be exposed for the phony he is. the curtain was already pulled back last week by paul manafort when he revealed what their plan is. you know we are certainly no matter which one of our incredibly fine candidates ultimately is our nominee not going to let donald trump run from the extremism and misogyny he has spewed over the last year nor his career. >> on the woman issue, you know that he has said, look i made a lot of comments when i was an entertainer, when i was hosting a show and needed to be a provocateur. >> megyn, he made them on the debate stage about you. he made them on the radio following his debate performances about you. so this is way beyond that he was entertaining. while he was running for
6:29 pm
president, he has spewed hateful, misogynistic rhetoric that is unacceptable in any forum but certainly coming from a presidential candidate. >> what about the comment on the debate stage that republicans were hillary clinton's top enemy? because if she wants to win she has to win with more democrats, she has to motivate some to cross the aisle independents. has she alienated them? >> well i think you just heard her say that if she were to be our nominee that she is reaching out to democrats, to independents, to thoughtful republicans, and clearly has an intention of being a nun iunifier. i think either one of our candidates fully intend -- they've said so repeatedly -- to bring people together. they have not and will not run a
6:30 pm
campaign that divides people. that's all we've seen is divisiveness and division on the republican side in this race. they have continued to be in chaos. that's where they'll stay. >> got to leave it there. thank you for being here. >> any minute now, donald trump is set to take the stage at trump tower. you look live after a clean sweep tonight, five for five tonight in the primaries. we're told he may take questions. >> as soon as that begins we will bring it to you live. stay with us right here on america's election headquarters. don't go away.
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the crowded trump tower getting ready for their candidate donald trump to speak any moment now. you can see the spotlight is on. the candidate is not out there yet. five for five tonight. chief political correspondent carl cameron is there live. carl, i said donald trump is going to go to some state conventions to talk to delegates. apparently he's not going to virginia but maybe going to california. bottom line he's talking at some point directly to these delegates as they're being selected. >> reporter: oh, absolutely. there's no question about it. since he's brought in the sort of new regime, he has been very aggressively working on the delegate chase and he's got an ever growing crew. kory lewandowski said he had plans to hire a lot more people to go after the delegates.
6:35 pm
donald trump tonight has had a very good night obviously. he's going to come out in just a short while. we're given to understand there will be somewhat of a pivot in his rhetoric. instead of focusing mostly on ted cruz and john kasich as he has in the past week or so he's talking about hillary clinton. we're led to believe what we'll hear is a real general election speech aimed at the presumptive nominee hillary clinton. there's the ongoing staff, paul manafort who appeared to layer -- corey lewandowski. that was sort of nullifyied to some extent in the last 24 hours when lewandowski was given a tremendous number of new and old responsibilities back. one of the things he pointed out today is that when it comes to donald trump' e's something of a thoroughbred. you can put a blinder on him but if you put a bridle on him, he'll kick you in the teeth. the question is whether he can
6:36 pm
turn to being more presidential as they say or if trump needs to maintain the type of rhetoric that's made trump trump over the last year or so. we'll see a little bit of that in just a moment. it will be a speech aimed mostly at hillary clinton and winning the general election, not at cruz and kasich and aimed at winning the nomination. they believe tonight's momentum will carry them through a victory in indiana. that would pretty much make cruz away and make it possible for trump to clinch the nomination before the convention. there's california on june 7th. the trump campaign realizes that will be probably the definitive primary. it's been a long time since california has been relevant in the republican nomination. bret? >> what about the speech tomorrow in washington, d.c., carl? he's supposed to speak on foreign policy. >> reporter: yeah. >> is that something we're supposed to take that is pointing toward a more policy oriented way forward? >> reporter: absolutely. the last time he talked about foreign apairs was at the a pack
6:37 pm
conference in washington, d.c. he used a teleprompter. one thing that the new regime wanted to do is give him a lot of speeches with teleprompter. tomorrow may be one. it was originally planneding to be -- but the trump campaign decided it wasn't a big enough venue the national press club. instead he'll be at the mayflower hotel with an even bigger venue. a foreign policy speech we don't know whether there will be policy or a discourse about foreign affairs. trump has had a hard time articulating specifics regarding policy and he's said he thinks he would be neutral in dealing with mideast peace between the israelis and palestinians. a big day for trump, to actually put policy meat on the bone which to this point has largely been rhetoric about goals but not how to get there. >> questions or no questions tonight? >> reporter: we're told he'll take a few, but they'd like it only to be on tonight's results. they may be surprised with people with other interests. >> carl, thank you.
6:38 pm
>> get some thoughts from our panel, juan williams dana perino, tucker carlson and dana lesch. dana, let me start with you on this. if trump has won tonight the battle over, hey, if he gets within 100 delegates it would be wrong not to give it to him, that's a significant victory for him. and if cruz has lost that battle, if this party is unified in the belief that if trump comes within 100 or so it should be his even if the rules don't provide for it that's a significant loss for ted cruz. are we there? >> no i don't think that we're there yet. i mean the rules going into cleveland is 1237. i mean we have rules for a reason. we don't give out participation trophies. we are not that ideology. we're conservatives, republicans, we believe in preestablished rules well known to candidates years months in advance. that's how it is. i mean, we do majority.
6:39 pm
we don't do plurality. there's a huge difference in that. and there is still the possibility, again, going forward -- i've said it before -- i think we'll hit a contested convention because looking at california that is going to be very kpet. indiana is going to be very competitive. trump is not going to do well in the pacific northwest. he has to walk in with the amount of delegates that he agreed to when he started campaigning launched his campaign, said he wanted to run as republican. we all knew the rules. we're not going to go on social justice warrior change it in hindsight because somebody has trouble getting to 1237. it isn't what we do. in a baseball game in the world series, you don't go oh, they're doing well, three games in let's give it to them. we don't do it in anything else and we don't do it in politics. >> tucker, your thoughts on tonight. >> the margins are big, maybe bigger than expected. the question that hangs in the air is how are washington republicans going to deal with this? and the explanation from the beginning has been trump isn't conservative. of course he's not an orthodox
6:40 pm
conservative but the implication is his voters aren't either. if you look at the exit polls they are. trump won those described as most conservative tonight. this race is kind of an intellectual quandary for the guardians of republicans in washington. if your own voters who think they're conservative are voting for a guy you consider an apost 8? what does that mean? that means the whole catechism is being reformated. 40% of republicans tonight said wall street hurts the american economy, these are republicans, not bernie voters. these are mostly trump voters. i guess the point again is people's conception of what it is to be conservative has changed so much more than anyone in washington understands that that's the basis of the collision here. two different definitions of it. >> earlier one of our guests said that indiana is the alamo for ted cruz. steve, your thoughts on that? if he loses that is this race over? >> he still may have a chance.
6:41 pm
the kasich/cruz team may still have a chance to keep donald trump from getting to 1237 as dana suggests. but i think the psychological impact on that would be pretty significant. >> if he lost. >> if ted cruz lost that particularly because of this deal that he had, which was meant to allow him to win indianaind indiana indiana. i think if you hear, if ted cruz loses indiana, more talk about a potential independent bid, about a third party, other ways outside of the republican primary to stop donald trump. >> you talk about this. i want to interrupt you. are you saying these stories about general james matis are real? >> sure. i think that people have been talking to general matis trying to recruit him to do it. he hasn't shown any eagerness to jump in yet. i think you have others who have sought out people trying to recruit people for a potential third party bid. the problem i think the never trump force faces is -- most of
6:42 pm
them would like to see ted cruz or ted cruz and john kasich stop donald trump from getting to 1237. the question is if that drags out longer and longer and you face an increasing battle just practical battle in terms of getting people on ballots, deadline deadlines. is coming up. texas i think you'd just set it aside. north carolina is difficult. you'd start to run into those before the republican convention in july. >> dana what about marco rubio? does he have any role to play right now? donald trump said some nice things about him recently which is you know news. and led people to say, what's going on? >> he's not little anymore. >> he's just regular marco. >> remember last friday there were a lot of trump supporters who were saying very nice things about kasich and that changed on monday when kasich and cruz made their alliance. marco rubio has been very quiet. i think he's holding his cards pretty close. but i think that's appropriate.
6:43 pm
he has a few delegates. if it gets down to it does he release those delegates one way or the other? maybe. i mean that could be a very interesting dramatic play. >> juan stand by if you would. we're going to squeeze in a break here before donald trump comes out. >> looking live at trump tower where we do expect the candidate who has swept all five northeast states tonight, donald trump, to step up to the lecturn any moment now. mr. trump speaking to supporters after winning five primaries tonight. we'll have that for you live. stay with us. ♪ ♪ (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. trugreen presents the yardley's.
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is. you're looking live trump tower. we've been looking live there for a while. donald trump has not come out. a big night for donald trump, five for five. we don't know the margins yet, but he is going to pick up a boat load of delegates. we'll continue now with the panel juan, as promised. let's turn now to the democratic side. let's say hillary clinton wins three of five. she loses rhode island. let's say she loses connecticut. we haven't made that call yet. but right now sanders is up about two points on her. what does that say? >> you've got to remember it's a game about delegates. that's the only way sanders gets back in it. and the big prize tonight was obviously pennsylvania. maryland was the second biggest
6:48 pm
prize. she won both of those. it's telling i think for her that guess what bernie sanders continues to do well in new england connecticut especially because it's adjacent sort of near new york and also near vermont. but it turns out it went to sanders. so that element of the democratic party is more populist, a little angry disaffected with the establishment on the democratic party side, continues to exist. when you heard her speak in her remarks tonight, i thought it was telling. it was the first time i heard hillary clinton say to bernie sanders supporters, we appreciate bernie sanders, we understand what he's been up against, and we are adopting some of his issues. in specific the wall street issue. that's news. that's different coming from hillary clinton, suggesting that she is now feeling so secure that she's willing for the first time to speak well of bernie sanders and to invite his support ez over in a very direct way. >> want to give a little time to the campaign cowboys on standby
6:49 pm
here in the student yoef. what do you know chris wallace? what are you hearing? >> well we had an interesting conversation over here about a potential and not to rush it but obviously we're all talking tonight about a general election campaign. and, joe, i was surprised. you said you think that ted cruz would be an easier person for hillary clinton to take on than donald trump. why? >> absolutely. look, he stays in his lane. he's very predictable. he's i think more conservative than donald trump is to the right. and trump is completely underestimatable and unpredictable. so given all that i'd much rather as a democrat face ted cruz than donald trump. >> you think that's just a classic conservative/liberal race and far right conservative. >> with cruz in it yeah. if it's trump, can he break into
6:50 pm
blue collar democrats and bring them over? >> there are more things possible with trump. >> ioffe.yeah. that possibility, why even go there. the entire republican party underestimated this guy. i'm not a democrat who wants to do that. >> karl? >> i agree with joe. i think he'd be unpredictable. he'd be volatile. he could either win or win big or lose big. it would be hard to get a handle on him. one thing that hillary clinton is not adroit at is being nimble. this would require a lot of nimbleness. >> we have a little time before donald trump gets up.waiting for that. what's the campaign cowboys without one more whiteboard? and you have a point. >> looking at 67 counties in pennsylvania. trump is winning every single county in pennsylvania. >> not congressional districts. we're talking about counties. >> counties which means he's going to win every congressional district because it ain't close. every single county's got a double-digit lead. >> explain what this means. >> there are about 150 people
6:51 pm
who filed as a delegate for the 54 slots. >> let me just quickly interrupt to say there's the at large delegates. they would go to trump. then there are the 54. >> people who are uncommitted, unbound delegates. >> that's been the big question who will they go to? >> if you go in and look at what they've said on the record about 50 of them said i'm uncommitted but will vote for whoever wins my district at least on the first ballot. >> that's trump. >> that's trump everywhere. and 41 who said i'm voting for trump. 27 on the cruz slate. 22 said they're uncommitted. in all likelihood trump is going to take even though they're voting for individuals, not for somebody with a name behind them ipds kate indicating who you going to support. 91 of the 150 people saying i'm going to vote for trump or vote for the person who wins my congressional district at least on the first ballot it is likely that a lot of those people a lot of those 54 people are going to be among the 91 here and trump is going to walk away with a lot of those unbound delegates. >> now, we began the night with
6:52 pm
you talking about kind of a narrow difference if he got 93 94 delegates, he'd be short of 1,237 in july. if he got over -- i understand we're adding more delegates here. but this kind of a night is going to put trump on a path to 1,237, right? doesn't mean -- >> well nate silver said if he got 103 delegates, right now it looks like he's going to get above 103. nate silver suggested 23 in connecticut, looks like he's going to carry all 28 in connecticut. that he would get nine in rhode island. he's teetering between nine and ten. 16 in delaware. he's going to get them. maryland he's going to get -- >> we're talking about the pledged delegates. 118 total. you're saying he's going to get over 100. >> he's going to get over 100. >> so this is -- >> he could get close to 110. >> big night for donald trump. >> could get -- probably. i shouldn't say 110. 105. >> okay. we got to be careful there. indiana, you know a lot of talk about indiana, because if he's getting 105, indiana is half
6:53 pm
that. it's what 57. >> yeah. remember even tonight he is just -- he's getting close. he started tonight 835. what we have the numbers here 835 -- he's about 100 behind. he's getting really close. indiana, if he wins indiana he now for the first time moves ahead in the latter stages of this contest. if on the other hand cruz wins it cruz maintains the not-trump lead. the pressure is going to be on cruz not only to win, however, but to win it big. if you got 27 at the statewide level and 27 delegates at 9 congressional districts in indiana, the pressure is going to be cruz to not only win the 27 but win virtually all the other 27 elected -- >> not mathematically but psychologically if trump wins in indiana after cruz his closest competitor has made this one-on-one isn't it case closed? >> it's psychologically a deadly blow. >> joe? >> yeah. i think -- i don't see how he's
6:54 pm
stoppable with what he's rolling up in delegates tonight, and if he -- obviously if he carries indiana, but it's psychological psychologically he's rolling in there and cruz just didn't have very good night at all. >> i should say that there's been quite a disagreement at the cowboys' table about what the strength of donald trump even before we get to indiana and joe and i have been in the camp that he's really on a glide path to nomination. carl, you're a little bit more skeptical of that. >> well i had been but tonight he's going to have a good night which means he's bent the arc slightly in his direction. slightly matters a lot. both of these as i said at the beginning have a narrow path to what they want to achieve. he has a narrow both to getting 1,237 on the first ballot. they have a narrow path too denying him that. tonight he bent it slightly in his direction. the question is in indiana and the week after that in nebraska can they bend it back? >> real quick question. there's nobody who's been a
6:55 pm
bigger doubter than donald trump than you have. can he turn things around in terms of the things he's said all the things he's done. can he turn it around in the general election get those unfavorables done and potentially be the next president of the united states? >> look anything is possible but let's just remember once impressions like the strong impressions we have about hillary clinton, strong impressions we have about donald trump, once they're set in as they have been set in for almost a year they're hard and very difficult to change. both of these candidates have their weaknesses. both of them have their strengths. both of them are going to find it difficult to change either one of those. >> obviously high negatives for both candidates. the only reason we don't talk more about hillary clinton's negatives has been unfavorables is because donald trump's are even higher which tends to make you think it's going to be a very negative campaign as they both try to drive the other guy, their negatives even higher. back to you guys. >> thank you. >> just an update. another race. the senate primary, democratic primary in maryland chris van hollen won that election.
6:56 pm
this is to fill the seat of being vacated by senator barbara mikulski. he beat donna edwards. that just called by the a.p. >> so i feel like the entire night has been a tease for next tease's coverage. >> it really has. >> indiana. >> here we come. >> looks like it's all going to come down to indiana then california. >> did ted cruz call it a basketball ring? >> so that didn't jump out at me because i don't know anything about sports but everyone on the panel seemed to react. >> if he did, that's trouble in indiana. we'll see. >> thanks everybody, for watching. that will do it for us tonight. a special two-ourhour edition of "hannity" up next and he'll have donald trump's speech live. >> all that followed by a live edition of "the 5" at midnight. have a good one. ive. and with her, a flood of potential patients. a deluge of digital records. x-rays, mris. all on account...of penelope. but with the help of at&t, and a network that scales up and down on-demand, this hospital can be ready. giving them the agility to be flexible
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lert. welcome welcome to this two hour live edition of "hannity." very big night for donald trump. he took the podium at his headquarters in new york city at trump tower. let's listen in. ♪ don't make a grown man cry ♪ ♪ don't make a grown man cry ♪ [ inaudible ] >> that means they're not getting audio back there either. >> give them -- >> not only is it all five it's all five whether 60 or just about 60 and even i see one up there at 66 and 67, and you have to remember i say this all the time to the pundits, i love the pundits, but i say it all the time there are three people. when you crack 60 and as we did
6:59 pm
last week with our great city and great state of new york when you crack 60 with 3 people that's very hard to do. in fact i think chris can tell you, if you crack 60 with 2 people that's called -- that's called a massive landslide. but we have three. and, you know some strange things have happened. last night, it was very strange when i watched this group get together. it wases a strange moment. i got a call at 11:00 and we talked and i said i think that's a good thing because it shows weakness it shows ineffectiveness, it shows failing campaign but really it's collusion. in business, they put you in jail for collusion. in politics, you're allowed to get away with it but it really is -- i thought it was a very weak signal and the republican party needs something much different than that. we'll be going to -- thank you. we'll be going -- [ cheering ] we'll be going to indiana. i'll be leaving tomorrow
7:00 pm
afternoon for just a long stay. it's a great state. i have many many friends there. i have a coach, bobby knight the great bobby knight. we're going to be spending a lot of time with bobby and bobby's an amazing guy. he's tough. he's sharp. he's smart and he wins. he knows how to win. and the people of indiana love him. and bobby's endorsed me. we're going to spend tomorrow night and i think the next day with bobby. so it's going to be a lot of excitement and fun. and that's called the gold standard for indiana. i would say bobby knight has to be the gold standard. and we have so many other people that have endorsed us there so that will be great. we'll be spending -- we'll start in the afternoon and we're going to be spending numerous days in indiana and it's going to be something really really special. so i want to thank the media. the media has really covered me very fair for the last two hours. no they've been really very fair over the last few weeks, and, you know, it's been amazing what's been happenin


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